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Mayumi's voice has been used for commercials, automated phone messages, corporate videos, educational audio materials and inflight announcement, in Japanese or both Japanese and English.Her clients like her voice because it's versatile. She can do sophisticated elegant voice for high-end brands, cheerful voice for promotional videos, or calm soothing voice for wellness or audio books for example. She is also able to do acting for TV shows and Manga (or Anime) in Japanese / Japanese & English with North American accent / with Japanese accent. ​


​Most of her projects are confidential hence only the ones that clients  allowed to make public have been shared below.

For more information, please contact by Email or via Inquiry Form.

以下、公開可能なプロジェクトと企業名をサンプル視聴としてご紹介しております。当サイトに掲載しているサンプルを無断で使用することはお控えください。プロジェクト経歴詳細・企業名についてのお問合せは までEmailにてお問合せください。
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Past Engagements

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