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< Background 


Japanese born in Hyogo prefecture, Japan.  


Living in Singapore since 2012, after having lived in Japan, Canada and China.


During the 7 years of living in China, she worked for a major Japanese electronics company as a Sales planner, managing sales revenue and the company’s promotions and exhibitions.  

Through the work and also her study,  she was able to attain an intermediate level of Chinese language.  

After resigning, she became a freelance interpreter for corporate seminars and meetings as well as a Japanese voice talent for audio guides, commercials and educational materials. 


In 2012, she moved to Singapore with her Canadian husband.  

In 2014, she set up her own company Aspect Events covering bilingual emcee & presenter services, interpretation services as well as voice work, using her diverse experiences from the countries she has lived in. 


< Her personality > 

She is a people person.  

She likes creating fun and memorable environments for people.

At the same time,  she is a multi-tasker and highly professional. She is capable of handling many difficult situations in an international and multicultural business environment by using her experience and common sense. 

She is an excellent communicator and always presents herself in line with the image her client needs which in turn makes them feel very comfortable assigning her for any important event.

Her clients truly trust her quick thinking and her knowledge of various cultural differences particularly of Japanese, Chinese, Asian Muslim, and Westerners.  She is able to represent her clients reputation and in content and appearance as well as to deliver their messages clearly and with impact.

She continues learning.

She's currently learning Spanish as the 4th language while she continues maintaining her 3rd language which is Mandarin. 

​Her Spanish is now at primary conversational level but she thrives to achieve an advance level in the next few years. 

She also takes KeyNote speaker's training course conducted by Prime Time to become one of  the next Asia Women Keynote speakers.  

She is also very social and genuinely enjoys seeing others having a great time.

She's currently managing her own social group in Singapore called TSUBAKI which now has over 300 female members.  

The group aims to support Singapore based Japanese women in international marriages, through social events and seminars that both members and their families can enjoy. 

The group's activities are often picked up by local magazines and Japanese TV shows.

In her private life, she loves cooking, organizing parties, exercising, photography and traveling. 

​To get to know her daily life and her interests, check out her Instagram or her blog (currently available only in Japanese)

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