Past Engagements

​Some of the engagements are confidential hence only the ones that clients  allowed to make public have been shared below.

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Wedding Reception

January 2020   in The Clifford Pier 


A lovely Japanese & British/ Australian couple tied their knot in front of nearly 70 guests flown from overseas to witness this special moment and I had the pleasure hosting as their ENG/JPN bilingual emcee, translating some emotional speeches of the bridal party and the groom.


シンガポールでも人気のウェディング会場 フラトンホテルThe Clifford Pierにイギリスご出身の新郎様と日本ご出身の新婦様が海外からお越しの約70名のゲストに見守られご夫婦になられました。レセプションでは日英進行および新郎様やゲストのスピーチ通訳も務めさせて頂き、国籍や言語の異なるご列席者全員が感動されるレセプションとなりました。

Wedding Reception

November 2019   in Bali

Such an honour to be invited as a bilingual emcee for the reception of  an American groom and a Japanese bride. Their guests have gathered from various countries to a beautiful private villa over looking the Indian ocean. 



Business Event

September  2019   at  NUS Enterprise @ Launchpad

 The 3rd year hosting ISHIN Startup Summit where Japanese corporates and investors can meet S.E.A startups. The whole-day event, including series of panel discussions, networking session and speed pitching by selected startups, went successfully..  



​Private Event

July 2019   at Lewin Terrace

The third time hosting a monthly meet-up event "Meguri-Kai". This month's event was held at Lewin Terrace where  people got to meet and enjoy the feeling of "Tanabata" festival from  Japan. 



Opening Ceremony

Jun 2019   at Visual Arts Centre

​Hosted an opening ceremony of Japanese art exhibition called "Art of Tomorrow" presented by Japann Europe Palace Art Association.




​VIP Private Event

May 2019   at Marina Bay Sands

Hosted a VIP event organized by Marina Bay Sands.


Corporate Party

November  2018   at Conrad Hotel

 Anniversary Party of one of the major Japanese corporates held simultaneously with 3 other locations in Japan - Tokyo, Osaka & Fukuoka. 


シンガポール ・東京・大阪・福岡の4拠点ライブ中継により


​Business Event

April 2019   at The Great Room

I hosted another networking event for tech startups and investors, organised by a technology accelerator TECHFUND from Japan.  


「技術投資」によってスタートアップを支援する株式会社テックファンド様のシンガポール初イベント「アクセル デモデー」の英語司会・通訳をさせて頂きました。

Business Event

September  2018   at SMU Campus

 The second year hosting ISHIN Startup Summit 2018. There were speed matchmakings, free networking sessions and panel discussions between entrepreneurs and investors.




Promotional Event

August 2018   at Suntec Convention Centre

Day 2 of 2-day promotional event for NHK WORLD at Japan Park Singapore.



Cooking Show

August 2018   

Cooking demo show presented by the award-winning chef Tim Meijers from Tim's Fine Catering Services. 


Promotional Event

January 2018   at  The Tanglin Club

Sake pairing dinner - "Taste of Ishikawa" hosted by Ishikawa prefectural government to introduce its homegrown sake and ingredients, as well as the beautiful culture & landscape of Ishikawa.



​Business Event

December 2017   at SMU Campus

 ISHIN Startup Summit at Singapore Management University. There were speed matchmakings, free networking sessions and panel discussions with lots of insightful tips from Japanese entrepreneurs and investors that startups can learn throughout the day.



Wedding Reception

September 2017   at Open Farm Community

Wedding ceremony and reception of the Singaporean groom and the Japanese bride.


August 2017   at Japan Rail  Cafe

Nagano Travel Seminar hosted by NHK WORLD for media and  royal customers of Japan Rail Cafe.



Talk Show

November 2016   at Suntec Convention Centre

NHK WORLD Talk show with the pioneer of Harajuku Kawaii culture, Mr. Sebastian Masuda at Anime Festival Asia 2016


原宿から「カワイイカルチャー」を世界へ発信し続けるアーティスト、そしてきゃりーぱみゅぱみゅのアートディレクターとしても有名な増田セバスチャンさんとのNHK WORLD ステージトークショーを担当させて頂きました。

Opening Ceremony

July  2016   at Raffles City Mall

The 2nd Cafe&Meal MUJI in Singapore has opened to corporate & media guests at Raffles City. It's a huge store space spanning over 10,600 sqft including the cafe&meal dining area. 



Opening Ceremony

May 2016   at Kallang Wave Mall

The grand opening of the first authentic Japanese Onsen spa in Singapore -Yunomori Onsen & Spa.
It's 16,000sqft premises featuring 11 different baths with the technology & machines imported directly from Japan! Once you step in, you'd feel like you're in Ryokan in Japan.


湯の森温泉スパ がついにオープンとなりました。



December 2015   at Mamanda

Sahara Blossoms Hafla Vol.3 - Bellydance Lounge -

​Promotional Event

July 2015   at Marina Bay Sands

2-Day Japan Travel Seminar organized by Japan National Tourism Office (JNTO).

​With the guest speaker  Ms. Evangelion Neo (the writer of Evacomics


Promotional Event

June 2015   at EXPO 

​CHARA EXPO 2015 Day 1
​Talk show with Mr.Kazuchika Okada 

(New Japan Pro-wrestler)




January 2015   at Marina Bay Sands

High Speed Rail Seminar in Singapore


Opening Reception

May 2014   at Marina Bay Sands


Office Opening Reception 


Opening Ceremony

February 2014   at Meiden Ceramic MBR Plant


MEIDENSHA Opening Ceremony


Corporate Party

December 2019   at Orchard Hotel

The third year hosting a year-end party organised by Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry ( JCCI ) Such a prestigious event where more than 500 people from Singapore-based Japanese corporates as well as the ambassador of Japan attended. 


シンガポール日系企業の2019年を締めくくる日本商工会議所主催の年末クリスマスパーティー司会に今年で3度目のご指名頂き無事完了することができました。 駐シンガポール日本国特命全権大使を始め、大手日系企業の役員様など約500名がご出席されました。

Government Event

October  2019   at  SHATEC

 Pleasure hosting the 7th WASHOKU World Challenge -Singapore qualifying tournament organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery of Japan (MAFF)  The contestants  competed on their Japanese culinary skills to be selected for the final World championship which is to be held in Tokyo in the early 2020. 



​Private Event

August 2019   at Watanabe  Coffee Orchard

Hosted a monthly meet-up event "Meguri-Kai". This month's event was to introduce Japanese summer festivals during Bon holiday. It was so much fun dancing the traditional "Bon Odori" with the guests. 




​Private Event

June 2019   at Watanabe  Coffee Orchard

It was a pleasure hosting a monthly meet-up event "Meguri-Kai"  where  people meet and enjoy conversations through Japanese seasonal cuisines and drinks.  This month's theme was Japanese rainy season. 



​Private Event

May 2019   at Watanabe  Coffee Orchard

It was a pleasure hosting a monthly meet-up event "Meguri-Kai"  where  people meet and enjoy conversations through Japanese seasonal cuisines and drinks.  



Corporate Party

April 2019   at Marina Bay Sands

It was such a fun night hosting this year's DAISO corporate's Dinner and Dance. The theme was white and about 800 guests including the president of Daiso Industries Co., Ltd were all dressed up in white. 

ダイソー 様のD&Dにて通訳兼司会を務めさせて頂きました。日本からお越しの株式会社大創産業社長はじめ幹部の皆様、そしてアジア各国から集まられた社員の皆様 (総勢約800人)もとても楽しい時間を過ごされました。

Corporate Party

December 2018   at Shangri-La Hotel

The second year hosting a year-end party organised by Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry JCCI ) Such a prestigious event where more than 500 people from Singapore-based Japanese corporates as well as the ambassador of Japan attended. 


シンガポール日系企業の2018年を締めくくる日本商工会議所主催の年末クリスマスパーティー司会に昨年に続き2度目のご指名頂きました。 駐シンガポール日本国特命全権大使を始め、大手日系企業の役員様など約500名がご出席されました。

Formal Reception

October  2018   at Lewin Terrace

The lunch reception hosted by the mayor of Takasaki city, Gunma prefecture. The city was filmed for a Singaporean movie director - Mr. Eric Khoo’s latest movie “Ramen Teh”. 

During the reception, he was appointed as an honorary advisor of Takasaki city by the mayor.


群馬県高崎市市長主催のランチレセプションにて司会兼通訳をさせて頂きました。レセプションには高崎市とシンガポールで撮影された 映画 「Ramen Teh」(邦題: 「家族のレシピ」)の監督 エリック・クーさんも出席され、この度高崎市とシンガポールを繋ぐ名誉アドバイザーに任命されました。

Promotional Event

November  2018   at GINZA LION Singapore

Media event for tourism and agriculture of Mie prefecture including a talk session between the governor of Mid - Mr. Eikei Suzuki and the executive chef Jun Matsubara which I translated to English. 



Promotional Event

August 2018   at Suntec Convention Centre

Day 1 of 2-day promotional event for NHK WORLD at ​Japan Park Singapore.




June 2018   at  SCAPE

Beauty Talk Event delivered by Elements Training by Erika. Lots of beauty & dietary tips from a personal trainer - Eriaka Kurokawa.




Corporate Party

December 2017   Shangri-La Hotel

The year-end party organised by Japanese Chamber of Commerce & IndustryJCCI )

Such a prestigious event where more than 500 people from Singapore-based Japanese corporates as well as the ambassador of Japan attended. 



Promotional Event

November 2017   at Suntec Convention Centre

2-day promotional event for NHK WORLD at 

C3 Anime Festival Asia 2017.




​Corporate Party

August 2017   at ONE15 Marina

JTB Singapore's 30th Anniversary Reception.




December 2016   at Raffles Town Club

Bellydance show - "Hafla" produced and performed by Nadia & Sahara*Blossom Bellydance troupe.


プロベリーダンサーのNadiaさん率いるベリーダンスチーム Sahara*Blossom Bellydance troupeのディナーショー「ハフラ」にて司会をさせて頂きました。


September 2016   at Black Box Theatre

Bellydance show - "A Night of Orient" produced and performed by Nadia & Sahara*Blossom Bellydance troupe.

プロベリーダンサーのNadiaさん率いるベリーダンスチーム Sahara*Blossom Bellydance troupeのショー「オリエンタルの夜に」にて司会をさせて頂きました。

Promotional Event

July 2016   at EXPO 


2-day CHARA EXPO 2016 at Denstu Booth promoting Dentsu's animations and characters including Mameshiba.


Opening Reception

January  2016   at Lewin Terrace

The opening reception of art exhibition to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Singapore-Japan diplomatic relations. The exhibition was hosted by Warehouse TERRADA which is a private cellar to store and preserve customers' valuable art, wine and furniture. 

先月Lewin Terraceにて、シンガポール・日本国交関係樹立50周年を記念したアートコレクション展が開催されました。主催者は日本で高級美術品、ワイン、家具などをお客様に代わって大切に保管・保存する「蔵」を提供する 寺田倉庫 TERRADA様。

​Promotional Event

November 2015   at Suntec City Mall


Media kick-off event of GURUNAVI's Japanese Restaurant Week. 


Promotional Event

June 2015   at EXPO

​CHARA EXPO 2015 Day 2
​Talk show with Mr.Hiroshi Tanahashi

(New Japan Pro-wrestler)


Opening Reception

March 2015   at BRANCHÉ Hair & Nail. 

Media Opening Reception of BRANCHÉ Hair & Nail


Opening Reception

October  2014  at t Dempsey Hills





May 2014   ​at TOTT


Okinawan Healthy Cooking Demo with Ms.Tokumoto - The Vegetable Sommelier.



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