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Virtual Training

Mayumi assists both facilitators and participants during virtual trainings and seminars with their communication and technical support particularly when there's a language barrier. 

She fully understands both facilitator's perspective as she's a facilitator herself and participants particularly if those are from Asia. 


可能プラットフォーム:Zoom、MS Teams


​Most of her clients projects are confidential.

For more information, please contact by Email or via Inquiry Form.

主なプロジェクトは各顧客の企業機密につき、プロジェクト経歴詳細・企業名についてのお問合せは までEmailにてお問合せください。


What is a virtual event producer? 


A Virtual Producer is the overall driving force of support behind successful online trainings.

A seamless virtual delivery requires a virtual producer who provides full support for the facilitators, the participants and the organisers on both communication and technical aspect before, during and after the training. 

A good producer has a complete knowledge on features and functions of virtual delivery platforms and has a solid understanding of what successful online delivery should look like.

If you are a facilitator, you will most likely need an assistant to help you from the beginning to the end of your training, such as admitting participants, recording, communicating via chat function, setting up breakout rooms with timer, supporting participants with technical issues, so that you can fully focus on the quality of your delivery.  


Mayumi, as a presenter and facilitator herself, understands the perspectives of both facilitator's as well as customers'  (the organisers and participants)  and how to engage with them, particularly when they are are from Asia. 

With Mayumi's rich experiences in Japan, China and South East Asia, she can assist you engage with your audiences. 

If your participants or organisers are Japanese, She can assist bilingually while you're focussing on your delivery. 

Available platforms : Zoom and Microsoft Teams

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